Our Kohgen Ueno Sakuragi store is one of Japan's leading incense speciality stores, with more than 5000 products including incense, fragrant wood, rosaries and bracelets.

Including our original incense, we also stock products from incense manufacturers from all over Japan. At incense stores, you can’t always try the fragrance there; however, at our store, you can sample incenses that you’re interested in, free of charge.
Enjoy yourself as you search for your perfect fragrance, from traditional Japanese incenses to flowers or Western styles. Our incense concierge is filled with knowledge of all scents, and can help you choose.
In addition, we have an Incense Museum on the 2nd floor, where perfumed pillows from the Edo period and collections of rare incense goods are on display. We also have educational spaces where you can experience Japanese incense culture, such as a corner where you can test the ingredients of incense.
We’re looking forward to your visit.

Easy access from 4 stations :
Ueno, Uguisudani, Nippori and Nezu.

Kohgen Ueno Sakuragi Store is located in Ueno Sakuragi, Taito-ku. The nearby Yanesen area combines the names of Yanaka, Nezu, Sendagi neighborhoods. Visitors love the nostalgic atmosphere of these old shopping streets. Traditional Japanese incense is perfectly at home in this retro neighborhood of art and culture.


  • JR Ueno Station: 15 minutes walk from Koen (Park) Gate. ※ Walk through Ueno Park.
  • JR Uguisudani Station: 13 minutes walk from North Gates. ※ Go left the kototoi-street to Kanenji.
  • JR / Keisei Skyliner, Nippori Station: 13 minutes walk from South or North Gates. ※ Shortest route is through Yanaka Cemetery.
  • Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Nezu Station: 5 minutes walk from Exit 1. ※ From the Shinobazu & Kototoi intersection, pass Akafudo Supermarket on the corner and go straight up Kototoi Street. Kohgen is across the street from Denny’s and 7-11. ※ The University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus is in the opposite direction from Nezu Station.


Kohgen Ueno Sakuragi Store Address
Address: 110-0002 Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Ueno Sakuragi 1-10-16
Fax: 03-3827-6676
Open Hours: 09:17 - 18:17
Closed: Mon~Fri day & Winter Break
Parking: None. ※ Kohgen has a parking agreement with Denny’s and 7-11 across the street.


Ueno Park has many facilities such as Ueno Zoo, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Ueno no Mori Art Museum, National Western Art Museum, Tokyo National Museum, and National Science Museum. Kaogen Ueno Sakuragi branch is about 8 minutes walk from Ueno Park.

Near the store is a popular town called Yanene-sen, where the downtown area that lasts from Edo retains its taste. Before or after visiting the store, it will be fun to take a walk nearby. The photo is “Yuyake-dan-dan” which leads to Yanaka Ginza.

Store business day & hours

  Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Open 9:17 Regular holiday Regular holiday Regular holiday Regular holiday 9:17 9:17
Closed 18:17 Regular holiday Regular holiday Regular holiday Regular holiday 18:17 18:17